Rails Girls Are Doin’ IT For Themselves [PHOTOS]

Marzec 14, 2016


Joanna Kołodziejczyk
Lecturer, Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence

1990 – Schneider CPC 6128 under CP/M operating system – a teacher showed us
Pascal programming language. For the first time I told the computer what it had to
do and it did exactly what was in the program. I was in control of some world.
This is the power you never give up.


Kinga Bohne
Rails Girls Szczecin participant
I joined RG workshops because I wanted to explore the world of new technologies. I had no idea about Ruby on Rails, but now I know I would love to create web applications in this technology in the future.


Marta i Natalia Kosteckie
Rails Girls Szczecin participants
There is no difference between the brain of men and women if we talk about coding. Girls can code as well as guys. We want to show it to other women, girls and their parents. Code has no gender.


Anna Pacewicz
Rails Girls Szczecin participant / Graphic designer
I wanted to learn coding to understand the developers I work with and tell them : „It’s not true it cannot be done – look!” I also love meeting new people and create new things, so it was a fantastic experience for me 🙂


Magda Wiśniewska
Rails Girls Szczecin coach / RoR developer
I love programming because it allows you to build anything you want. There’s absolutely no limit. I like thinking about it as art. Not only the result of coding is beautiful – also the process. For me it?s exhilarating.


Gosia Cieśla
Rails Girls Szczecin participant & organiser
I found Rails Girls as a participant and fell in love with the idea so much that since then I’ve helped organise more than 8 RG workshops! I hear many guys saying that programming is not for girls – but I strongly disagree, also through helping to launch new workshops!


Sara Mroczka
Rails Girls Szczecin participant
I would like to learn coding, because:
1. You can share your ideas with the whole world.
2. Coding is a universal language.
3. As a developer you can work at any place in the world!
4. I want to see for myself if coding is really not that hard as they say.
5. I hope it will be great fun!


Karolina Krajewska
Rails Girls Szczecin participant
A woman should be able not only to cook and so forth, but also to change a tyre and repair her own place. I did have a lot of adventures with my old Fiat Cinquecento, and I used to work as a carpeneter, but now I use this opportunity to learn more about ICT – which is developing so fast!


Maria Preyzner
Rails Girls Szczecin participant / Developer
When a job offers exciting new challenges, provides you with high diversity tasks and the field is constantly changing, you can never stop learning. The choice is a no-brainer 🙂
And you never know if you may be now working on the next big thing.


Oliwia Stecko
Rails Girls Szczecin participant
I want to learn coding as I strongly believe it is going to be part of my future. I really enjoy working with computers and I already have an ECDL Start certificate.


Zuzanna Makuch
Rails Girls Szczecin participant
It was my dream to join the Rails Girls workshop – which came true! I wanted to prove to myself and others that IT is not only a boys’ club, but girls can work as developers, too. And I did learn a few new things which I have already used at school. Go girls!


Karolina Rybałt
Developer at REC Global
I wanted to show my support for the Rails Girls Szczecin action and tell everyone about my job as a developer. It’s great fun and brings you a lot of satisfaction – so don’t hesitate and learn coding!


Aleksandra Zbrzeźna
Rails Girls Szczecin supporter
Work in IT brings lots of challenges and it would be great to introduce some female joy, optimism and fresh attitude into that stereotypically male field. Go girls!

All photos by Waldek Jaszczak of Ubik Team.

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