Rails Girls Szczecin (EN)

aboutRails Girls are free weekend programming workshops for girls and women. They are a perfect occasion to enter the world of new technologies, to try out web application-making tools, as well as to learn about possibilities and prospects of working in ICT.

_MG_2082Rails Girls initiative started in Finland in 2010. Since then, there have been over 200 workshops that involved best developers and IT companies. In Poland Rails Girls seems pretty popular – so far there have been 16 workshops organised in 8 Polish cities!

rgs htIn June 2014, Rails Girls launched in Szczecin in order to help girls discover how quickly and easily they can create web applications in Ruby on Rails technology, in the unique and totally friendly atmosphere. Both editions of Rails Girls Szczecin in June and October 2014 received more than 230 applications!


Since then, we have met a great lot of women and girls interested in IT and new technologies. And now it’s time to show the world that working in ICT is a fantastic choice for women!

_MG_2052Rails Girls Szczecin Team consists of girls passionate about new technologies, who work daily with startups, IT companies and within the field of education:

IMG_5699The project would never be possible without our co-organisers and partners: